Music Promotion Is An Asset Your Music Career Can’t Live Without – Digital Music News
What is music promotion and why is it important? (photo: AMW Group Inc.)

photo: AMW Group Inc.

As the Business Development Director at AMW Group, the number one question I hear most is: how do I get new music heard?

The following article comes from AMW Group, a proud partner of DMN.

It’s a reasonable question, coming from someone who wants to bring music to the masses.  In the age of digital media, it has become increasingly simple to distribute music. As a result of the increased competition, it’s making it more challenging to get new material noticed.

It’s important to know what you’re getting into when you are setting up a promotional campaign for your music. Do a bit of basic research about what music promotion is, what it entails, and what you can reasonably expect to pay. It might surprise you. It’s common for people to blur the lines between publicity, marketing, and general artist management. While each agency is a bit different, many of the same basic principles apply.

So what is music promotion and why is it important?

Promotion is a broad term that encompasses marketing related activities including paid advertising and publicity. It defines how you’re presented and perceived by not only the media but the public as well. We utilize a wide range