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ISOLATION DRILLS: Ironically, in this time of extreme lonesomeness, songwriting duo Love My Truck has spread its wings. Although the pair have always had an electronic undertone from which many of their lonesome drones have come, on a new EP titled Virus Test Dummies this undertone comes forward. This change appears most spectacularly on “Lloyd Cole is Heartbroken,” which has a pronounced electronic beat supporting punchy lyrics and a pop-top keyboard line. Just after the two-minute mark a tiny guitar solo reminiscent of Hendrix’s “Star Spangled Banner” arrives, but is gone just as quickly. All that said, it’s still as despair-oriented as their entire catalog. The three-song record starts with the gorgeous, multi-layered vocal and pedal steel-plowed song “Everyday,” but ends with the positively 1970s Rundgren-worthy “Flown Bird.” A couple of weeks ago, Love My Truck also released a now-prescient cover of the late John Prine’s “Please Don’t Bury Me.” Please enjoy all this stuff at 

TAKE THAT: Klypi (aka AC Carter) has a new single out named “I’m Fine,” and it’s a fine slice of reluctantly defiant heartache pop. Across a bounce-laden track composed in Klypi’s signature new wave style, the lyrics hit back at the idea of love as a necessary lifestyle accessory, but the chorus sighs dejectedly, “I’m fine…” I mean, relatable, right? Anyway, you can find the accompanying video for this on YouTube and the song itself over on Spotify. For more information please see

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