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TIME OF THE SEASON: The long-awaited new album by garage punk rockers Shehehe comes out this week, the 31st to be exact. The smokin’-to-the-touch collection of new tracks is named Pet Songs and cooks down a full 14 tracks in less than 32 minutes. It’s released courtesy of Richmond, VA label SAY-10 Records. I swear, this whole album is the much-needed breath of fresh air for this year that feels like it has absolutely zero fresh air. This album is a bit rougher hewn that the band’s 2017 album Endless Summer, and everyone who familiarized themselves with that record will hear the subtle differences. Most immediately noticeable are the vocals tinged with a newly minted raspiness at key moments. As a multi-vocal band, this development lends both depth and dynamism. My all-time favorite thing about SheHeHe, though, is the band’s absolutely uncanny knack for juicing fresh melodies out of, generally speaking, relatively traditional rock and roll structures. To wit, opening song “But I’m Tryin’ Hard” twists its already anthemic chorus into a declaration, “Down The Stairs” surprisingly successfully mixes slow-down and speed-up sections into a fully blended stomp, and the literal howl tucked inside “Your Hands” is a producer’s dream. Put the speakers in the window and treat your neighbor with this one. On July 31, head to, and then testify over at

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