Apple’s New Universal Gift Card Can Be Used for ‘Everything Apple’ – iDrop News

Apple’s gift cards have been a bit confusing over the years, especially as the company often brands them for specific purposes, which often only adds to the bewilderment of many.

For example, if you buy an “Apple Music” gift card, can it only be used for Apple Music subscriptions, or can you use it for music purchases too? What about music apps, or other things on the App Store. Do iTunes Gift cards only work for iTunes purchases, or can they also be used for apps too?

Then there’s the question of Apple’s physical products; what gift card do you use to buy an iPhone? Or an iPad? Or a set of AirPods?

The truth is that Apple’s gift cards were always fairly simple, falling into two broad categories: Apple Store Gift Cards were used to purchase physical products either in Apple retail stores or via the online Apple Store, while every other Apple gift card, regardless of how it was branded, simply translated into a credit balance on the iTunes Store and App Store.

In other words, even if you bought an Apple Books or Apple Music gift card, these could be used for any kind of digital purchase from Apple, not just music or books. A $50 Apple Music gift card simply added $50 to your Apple ID account for the iTunes