How to Get Your Music Heard — It Starts With a Winning Pitch – Digital Music News
Panelists discuss how to get your music heard.

Film composer Matthew Head, Songtrader CXO Victoria Wiltshire, songwriter Andy Love, and TV writer Yule Caise discuss the art of the pitch (photo: Songtradr).

In today’s tech-driven and ultra-competitive music landscape, how you pitch to execs is almost as important as the quality of your music. During a recent Songtradr Happy Hour event, three longtime music industry pros shared tips on giving a winning pitch.

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Digital Music News was on hand for the hour-long discussion, which was replete with pro tips centering on how to get your music heard by big-name professionals, brands, and, ultimately, audiences. Longtime film composer Matthew Head, established songwriter Andy Love, and Emmy-winning television writer Yule Caise participated in the virtual happening.

Here are a few of the ways that artists can tighten their pitches, and maximize their chances of getting juicy placements and gigs.

1. Show up prepared.

“I do the research. And I’ve been guilty in the past, early in my career, of not doing enough research,” said Caise. “It’s just giving you the broader sum so that you can walk into a room open,