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Google Play Music shutting down

Photo Credit: Google Play Music

Google Play Music is shutting down in December, but you should start your music export today.

We’ve known this day would be coming for months, as Google slowly transitions users to YouTube Music. They finally released a tool to export music from GPM to YouTube Music – but it’s not very good. Google Play Music shutting down is also a timeline process. Here’s the breakdown Google gave us.

  • Late August – Users cannot upload or download music through Music Manager. Pre-orders and purchases from the GPM Store are no longer accepted.
  • September – GPM streaming shuts down for users in New Zealand and South Africa.
  • October – GPM streaming globally is shutdown. The Google Music app and website will cease to exist.
  • December – All music collections stored in GPM are deleted.

A shutdown message has been appearing in the Google Play Music app for months now. Google hopes the disappearance of streaming ability will prompt people to export their music collection.

Google Play Music Shutting Down – How to Export Your Music

Exporting your music collection from Google Play to YouTube Music isn’t hard. Users can visit the YouTube Music Transfer website to start the one-click process. Your GPM music account will continue to work after the transfer until the dates indicated above. If you