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WEST OF WILTSHIRE: Just when you thought the current heat wave couldn’t possibly get hotter, here comes Kxng Blanco with a brand new set of conceptual and direct bangers named SummersOnSarsen. The whopping 18-track album, courtesy of GA Pro with ATHfactor-Liberty Entertainment,  just came out last week via all streaming platforms. Familiar ears will readily recognize Blanco’s hardcore and nearly flawless flow, not to mention his pull-no-punches lyricism, but will also be pleased by the notably thoughtful selection of beats. Nothing here feels pasted over or tacked on but, rather, sounds deliberately compositional. The most single-worthy tracks here are the reverb stylized “E.T.,” the inspirational “Pain N’ Sufferin,’” and the title track. Blanco is a great storyteller, and most of the tracks here are deeply personal, and not all of it is comfortably absorbed. But that’s OK, as this work tells his story, not yours. Find this everywhere, but follow along at facebook.com/kxngblanco.

Kxng Blanco Kxng Blanco

ANNIVERSARY SONGS: Long-running Athens Americana band Family And Friends is back with a short EP named All My Days. Two tracks are re-workings of older songs, specifically “Amadeus,” which first appeared on the band’s album XOXO (2015), and the second being “PRSM,” from the group’s Felix Culpa (2018). Each is a nice replaying of these older tracks, and they’re joined nicely by the soft acoustic