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SHAKIN’ IN THE ‘80S: I was totally pleased to get the news last week that the old Kilkenny Cats catalog is getting some nice reissue treatment. Lead singer Tom Cheek let me know what’s been up. First up, and out now, is the band’s debut 7-inch from 1984, “Attractive Figure” b/w “Of Talk.” Because old reel-to-reel tapes begin to “shed” after a time and get sticky to boot, they generally have to undergo a baking (as in an oven at very low temperature) process to be usable. It can be delicate work. In this case, the baking was handled by David Barbe, and the remastering work was done by Jason NeSmith at Chase Park Transduction. The tracks were originally produced in 1983 by Michael Lachowski (Pylon) at Atlanta’s Songbird Studios. Cheek reports that the process is already well underway to re-release the band’s 1986 LP Hands Down, originally recorded at Minneapolis’ famed Nicollete Studios and released via Coyote/Twin Tone, and both Barbe and Nesmith are involved with that in the same way described above. Also on deck is the original version of the band’s song “Nightfall,” which it’s fair to say most of the world was exposed to (via a live version) in the film Athens, GA: Inside/Out. Find the debut single now on Spotify and other major streaming services. I’ll keep you posted as other items are released. 

SUMMER CHILLER: I’d been thinking it was about time for another record by Razzi