How to get the most out of Apple Music’s updates in iOS 14 – AppleInsider

The release of iOS 14 brings with it an updated Apple Music app, which has been given an overhaul. Here’s how to use all of the new features included in the app for all those who updated their iPhone and iPad.

The latest version of Apple Music makes quite a few changes in terms of appearance and utility, as expected of a new operating system update. While there are many smaller changes, there’s four areas of major change in the app: Listen Now, Searches, Library Filtering, and Autoplay.

Listen Now

Formerly named For You. The updated tab, the first one in the bottom row, has been redesigned as a central one-stop shop for personalization and music discovery.

The new Listen Now is your home for personalized recommendations.

All of a user’s favorite music selections, including artists, playlists, and recently played music appears on the page, as well as Apple’s recommendations. The upper Top Picks section offers suggestions of what to play, such as new albums, most-listened-to songs, a featured artist based on a user’s listening habits, or a recently-accessed mood playlist.

The page then devolves down to genre, the Recently Played list, playlists based on others, and Made for You mixes, and many other categories.

As the user continues to use the service, the selections within Listen Now will change. This applies to both the music and artists being offered for quick listens, but